Value Added
Sugar Logistics



How Limako adds value
to the supply chain

A deal can only become a good deal if everything is in order. From product to packaging to transportation. Limako adds value to the whole supply chain and does this skilfully and professionally.

Since the nineties we have been focussing on container export. We can rightfully say that we have perfected and optimized this process. Throughout the years we have added an important aspect: the care of various packaging. Limako works together with the best packaging suppliers in Europe and has exclusive access to the sugar-export terminal in Eemshaven.

This is how we add value to sugar. We act proactively on questions from our customers and always offer tailor made solutions.

Of course, the position of the Netherlands plays an important role in our work. Our country has a central location and ideal infrastructure. From ports such as Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg every week the biggest container ships depart to every corner of the world. Together, these favourable factors ensure an efficient supply chain.

Limako mainly packs sugar in bulk packages. Our products are mostly transported in 20ft sea containers. Limako works with:

  • 50kg in polypropylene bags
  • In big bags varying from 1,000kg to 1,200kg
  • 25,000kg in a bulk liner
  • 1kg in paper bags